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How to pass the Pull Request checks and earn points?

See our step-by-step guide on understanding the Standards and Conventions we use: Standards & Conventions

Problem Identification

Many educational resources like courses, platforms, and tutorials demonstrate building applications, such as a Blog Application. However, these often lack discussion about industry standards, conventions, and real-world application. Furthermore, learners frequently face questions such as:

  • How do teams operate in a professional environment?
  • What tools are commonly used in the industry?
  • Are there established standards and conventions?
  • What does the transition to a professional workplace involve?
  • How can one ensure code quality and succeed in their first job?

EpicLaunchX Solution

Understanding and adopting the core habits of software development—standards, conventions, reviews, and clear requirements—is essential for producing high-quality work that is both enjoyable and professional. EpicLaunchX introduces these practices early through a unique learning model:

  • Interactive Learning Environment: We employ a prototype software development environment that uses GitHub for hands-on learning with sprint boards, issues, and pull requests.

  • Gamified Experience: Progress through the course is competitive and engaging. Completing tasks such as merging pull requests and closing issues earns points, advancing learners through levels and placing them on a Leaderboard or Hall of Fame.

  • Real-World Practices: The platform emphasizes real-world software development practices, allowing learners to experience the role of a software engineer in a simulated, yet realistic, setting.

By integrating these elements, EpicLaunchX prepares learners for professional software development environments, fostering essential skills and habits that lead to success in the tech industry.

Current Major Features

When the you Launch a Project, the app will create:

  • Unique repository named for you. You are going to be a collaborator in this repository.

  • Sprint Board or GitHub project associated to this repository.

  • Tasks, as issues created automatically in the repository.

Please see, How it works? for more details on the features above.

  • At EpicLaunchX, Tasks are part of Launches and Launches are part of the Projects. You can think about Launches as a special type of Sprints.

  • Dashboard the main statistics and projects page.

  • Leaderboard where you can see other engineers progress.